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Martin Fruitman is a registered patent attorney with over 30 years of experience with
inventions.  His office is unique in that he handles all matters personally.  You will not be
passed on to a secretary or associate – but you may have to leave a voice mail before
you get a personal return phone call.  There is another very unique feature of this office.  
You may very well be told that a patent is not the best way to work with your invention.  
Patents are costly and do not always yield a return for their investment – particularly for
individuals who are not operating a related business.

EXPERIENCE – Martin Fruitman has filed over 200 U.S. patent applications that have
issued.  They can be found on the U.S. Patent Office website , and an
abbreviated list is on this website.  Martin has also written other patent applications (for
which he is not identified as the attorney) for several organizations, including NASA,
Armstrong World Industries, CNH (farm machinery), Fuller Company, Rockwell
International, and Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Although his engineering degree is in
electronics, Martin’s broad engineering experience and wide range of issued patents
includes mechanical devices, electronic systems, heat transfer technology, and even
some medical devices and metallurgical processes.

PERSONAL SERVICE – One benefit clients appreciate from this one-man office is a very
special level of service.  Martin personally performs the patent searches and, using
computers, writes the applications, and makes the drawings.  Another more subtle benefit
is that there is never any loss of details in transferring information to another person in
the office.

COSTS – This office provides up-front fixed total costs including this office’s fees and the
US Patent Office fees for the entire process of getting a patent.   Although payment is
required in advance, each step in the procedure is treated as a separate job, and, for
instance, no fees are accepted for preparing a patent application until after the client has
received and considered the patent search report.

INFORMATION – Answers to your questions are available by telephone, and there is no
charge for reasonable length inquiry telephone calls.  However, although the general
subject of patentability can be discussed, specific inventions will not be considered over
the phone.  

Additional information on patents such as BASIC INFORMATION FOR THE INVENTOR,
INFORMATION, and GETTING A PATENT can be found throughout this website.