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Marty Fruitman is a great choice as a patent attorney because he may actually tell you NOT to
spend money in his office.  There are many ideas that can not be protected, and you want to be
told that before you spend your money.  

But Marty is also a great choice because of his very broad experience as a working, hands on,
engineer.  His strength is in his ability to communicate with inventors.  To quote a NASA engineer
who was Marty’s very first inventor, “I’ve never worked before with a patent attorney who knew
what I was talking about.”

Marty attended engineering school at the University of Michigan after first receiving a strong high
school science education.  Between the two he had four years of engineering drafting classes.  He
started his engineering experience as a co-op student working at RCA’s electronic tube plant.
There he first worked as a technician constructing electronic equipment for testing color picture
tubes and eventually progressed into engineering assistant.  During school sessions back at U of
M, he also worked as an electronic technician.

When he received his degree in electronic engineering, Marty joined RCA as an engineer
designing electronic tubes, but later became a design engineer for very large test equipment (think
ballistic missile early warning system radar installations).  There was a benefit from his equipment
design job that even he did not appreciate at first.  Not only did he design the equipment, but he
prepared the initial quotations, ordered the parts, supervised the construction, personally started
up the equipment, and helped troubleshoot the equipment during operation because it was located
in the same building as his office.  Such equipment was not your everyday TV set.  Design
considerations include high voltage (up to 150kv), high power (up to 800kw), high flow liquid and
air cooling systems, and control stations that occupied large rooms.  Marty later went to work for
Brookhaven National Laboratories designing and supervising the construction of similar, though
more exotic, equipment for nuclear research.

After many years of such experience, Marty went to law school, and passed the Patent Office Bar
Exam before beginning his last year of law school.  He has been operating as a sole practitioner
patent attorney ever since (for over 30 years).  His long (over 200) list of issued patents includes
heat transfer, mechanical, electronic, farm machinery, metallurgical, and production machinery
inventions, and, yes, a vibrating footstool.  His list of patent clients include NASA, Brookhaven
National Laboratory, Burle Industries (a successor to RCA), Thermacore Inc., Lift-All Co., Fuller
Co., Armstrong World Industries, Sperry-New Holland Farm Machinery, Rockwell International,
Carter-Day, and many small companies and individual inventors.  Interestingly, even before the
advent of electronic communications, he had served clients at the four corners, literally, of the        
U.S.  Even though he was located in Pennsylvania, his clients were also located in New Hampshire,
Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi,
Illinois,Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and even in Canada in
Alberta and British Columbia.  It is fair to say that this geographic spread is largely due to word of
mouth referrals from satisfied clients.